What we do

We build and invest in meaningful companies run by exceptional teams. Our ultimate goal is to develop products and services with the power to transform healthcare.


As active, patient, and long-term investors, our partnership comes with an engaged and supportive approach that brings expertise, network, and capital to help companies realize their full potential.


Our Approach

We invest in companies across the healthcare ecosystem at all stages of development. We focus on companies with solutions applicable to emerging sectors. 


investing across business stages 


Identifying, building and investing in exceptional startups


Investing in companies bringing innovative solutions to healthcare  


Support high growth healthcare companies with capital and expertise 

partnering with exceptional teams

To be an eligible investment, the venture will need to demonstrate some or all of the following characteristics

Strong Team

A competent team with the vision and capabilities to drive the business forward.

Unique market positioning due to a distinct offering, an innovative business model, and high barriers to entry. 


A large addressable market and growth potential. 

Market Potential

The business has the ability to scale geographically..


we are an engaged investor

We are an engaged investor that actively supports the building and development of best-in-class companies. We leverage our in-depth sector knowledge, operational expertise, and network for the benefit of our portfolio companies. 


We take a long-term investment perspective, allowing us to be a real partner focused on helping build our investees to reach their full potential. Ultimately this creates long-term value for our customers, investors, and society at large.




Meet the team

Assiduity Capital is comprised of a team of passionate professionals and expert advisors, dedicated to working with our portfolio companies to build meaningful companies and generate attractive long-term returns.

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